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CSN-DCI America has been providing training workshops, conferences, and technical support to Native American tribes across Indian Country for over 25 years. Below are some of the services we offer our tribal clients.


What is Technical Assistance?

Simply stated, technical assistance entails our direct help and involvement in developing, revising and amending Tribal Constitutions, Ordinances, By-Laws, Policies & Procedures and other governing documents.

How do you know if you need Technical Assistance?

  • Has the amending of your constitution or other governing document been put off for any number of reasons?

  • Has the amending of your Enrollment and Election Ordinace been postponed time and time again?

  • Has the Tribal Council or General Council failed to adopt a new ordinance or Constitutional Amendment even though it has already been drafted?

  • Are you having difficulty organizing the personnel required to get the process started?

  • Are any of your Policies and Procedures in need of revision?

  • Is there an ever-growing need for your organization to revise its Housing, Tribal Court, Land-Use, Zoning, TERO and other important Ordinances?

If you have answered YES to any one of these questions- then CSN-DCI America can help!

We will walk you through every step of the way, clearing explaining every option available to you.

ON-SITE Anchor


CSN-DCI America offers Premier On-Site Training Workshops. With Dynamic Instructors, Comprehensive pricing, Innovative Agendas.

  • Intensive training brought directly to your Tribe or Tribal Enterprise: You choose the location.

  • Customized sessions to fit the specific needs of your staff, board, council or committee.

  • Create an in-depth retreat with inspiring professional instructors.

  • Realize the benefits of a well trained staff, Board, Committee, and Tribal Council

Are most popular trainings are listed below:

  • Robert's Rules of Order: Indian Parliamentary Law

  • Tribal Enrollment Training from A to Z

  • Tribal Elections: Ordinances & Procedures

  • Tribal Enrollment Reconstruction Services

  • Enrollment Audit

  • Board Training

  • Tribal Ethics

  • Conflict Management

  • Quality Customer Service

  • Progressive Governance

  • Team Building, Cultural Diversity: Managing Differences

  • Understanding your Tribal Constitution

  • Understanding The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

  • Tribal Sovereignty

  • Records Management

  • Leadership Skills

  • Taxation in Indian Country

  • Budgeting for Enrollment Projects

  • Wealth Management

  • Professional Development for Secretaries and Admin.

  • Excelling as a Manager, Supervisor or Administrator

  • And many more....


Tribal Enrollment Reconstruction Services consists of a one day workshop for the Enrollment Department and the Enrollment Committee and a three day practical hands on implementation.

This is not a theoretical workshop. This is an interactive, results orientated On-Site Training and Implementation Session that will be customized to meet the specific needs of your Enrollment Department.

Day one:

  • Working with and understanding your constitution , enrollment ordinance, Policies & Procedures, and other governing documents.

  • Enrollment interpretation problems and the cure

  • Building a better Tribal Enrollment Committee

  • Building a better Tribal Enrollment Department

  • The Fundamentals of Tribal Enrollment at your Tribe

  • DNA Testing and Enrollment Dilemmas

  • Development of a customized Action Plan

Day Two, Three and Four: Implementation

Work within your Enrollment Department: Assessing the needs of your Enrollment Department and Enrollment Committee and developing the standards required ti make it work.

This segment is designed to give you actual results! Complete hands on, practical experience under the guidance of CSN-DCI America's


CSN-DCI America conducts Tribal Enrollment Audits with the utmost respect providing an experienced Audit team to analyze and rebuild files when necessary. Reports are generated that plainly indicate what actions are required to be taken. At the conclusion of the Audit CSN will render a final report without  comment or opinion in reference to the Tribe's disposition of the information contained. The report will be factual based on the data and documentation available.

Contact us for more in-depth information concerning a Tribal Enrollment Reconstruction or Audit at your Tribal Organization.

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