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We're a network of experts offering

nation-building strategies and solutions to

indigenous communities throughout North America.


Before casinos, we were there.  

Learn more about CSN's

quarter-century of impact

in Indian Country.





Data Connectors Inc. (DCI) is hired to install accounting software for various tribal governments

DCI creates the first tribal enrollment software program, Origins, and begins training tribal enrollment teams across Indian Country.

DCI hosts its first annual Tribal Enrollment Conference

DCIAmerica launches its first website as Indian Country's "Premier Native American and First Nations Training Program"

DCIAmerica establishes CNAP: the Consortium of Native American Parliamentarians, a certification program for mastering American Indian Parliamentary Law

DCIAmerica hosts the First Annual Tribal Leadership Conference in Honolulu, HI

DCIAmerica forms Creating Stronger Nations, Inc. to meet the demands of its tribal government nation-building initiatives and consulting

CSN and DCIAmerica merge to formerly become Creating Stronger Nations, Inc.

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